a cure for the common block

Human Nature

Emmy tore off a corner of her notebook paper and nonchalantly slipped it into her mouth, chewing it like a wad of gum; it was a nervous habit she picked up as a child and still occasionally indulged at times of deep stress. She felt confident about the first half of her final exam, she had a real knack for multiple choice questions; within a few lectures and quizzes she could pick up on her professors’ “tells”, how they’d frame questions and attempt to disguise the correct answer, but she lacked the skill of elaboration needed for essays, and none of her professors appreciated her brevity. At least, she thought no one appreciated it, until she received the highest score in her class on the final, and special recognition for her response to the question, “What caused World War I?” #HumanNature #ShortShortStories

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