a cure for the common block


In the middle of a field an Idea appeared, basking in the sinking Sun – or maybe it was rising – either way didn’t matter, once an Idea was born It had only one goal: to find a host. Not coincidentally, Mik and Mav laid head-to-head in the very same field, enjoying the dampness of the morning dew on the grass, the way you only can when you are perfectly content and could probably even find the beauty in a bee sting. Before long, the Idea found them, and rather than decide which to claim, It split in two to claim them both, because though It wasn’t quite an Epiphany, It wasn’t a lowly Urge. As the Idea sank in, a cloud swam across the sky in front of the Sun, and while it didn’t really resemble anything, Mik and Mav each saw the dogs they owned as children; the Idea’s purpose was not to inspire this young couple to buy a puppy, but the puppy would convince them they were ready to have a child.

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