a cure for the common block

Kid Pro Quo

With a glint in his eye, Demetri read The Boy in Princessland to his little girl as she wriggled under her covers like an animal getting comfy on the beach. Tanta actually looked forward to bedtime, it was storytime, it was a time when she could run with her imagination and not get in trouble, in fact she was encouraged. She and her father took turns reading stories, stories they each would write over the weekends. The Boy in Princessland was her story, and it was Demetri’s favorite to date; not just because it was so sweet and subversive, even if Tanta didn’t know the meaning of the word, but because it came through her, as if she was channeling it from somewhere else. She was terribly sick that weekend, but she insisted on writing, she was compelled to put the fully formed tale on the page; she was a writer, just like her father, and someday others would read her stories and would love them as well, because a story written with passion fills others with passion.

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