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Night & Fog

Alfred jolted awake to a sharp, stinging pain in his left shoulder, his right hand instinctively grasping and clenching it, and then releasing his grip as he realized nothing was wrong. Unable to fall back asleep he began his day earlier than usual, preparing for work and planning errands, when in the middle of brewing coffee a flash of a dream floated to mind: an angry child with a beard, screaming at him and throwing fireballs at his arm. Though somewhat disturbed by the imagery, Alfred was somewhat satisfied that the dream had caused his shoulder pain. Days went by, normal and slow, when he had the same dream of the scruffy child hurling fire at him, and awoke in pain far more intense and lasting; his hand trembled as he attempted to dial for emergency help, but even if he had managed to complete the call, and if an ambulance arrived within minutes, it would have been too late… his heart couldn’t pump his blood, his fate was sealed before he even woke from his nightmare.

#ShortShortStories #Night&Fog


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One thought on “Night & Fog

  1. I love the dream imagery. Great unfolding of events, as usual. I will always wonder if Alfred had a beard, but don’t tell me.

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