a cure for the common block

Mother Love

Lou waved the aroma from the simmering pot into his well-trained nose, using a single sense to detect what needed to be done to make it just right. His eyes closed, the smells brought back a vivid recollection: rushing into his house on snowy days, the shock of the temperature change causing a mix of tingling numbness and pulsating warmth throughout his body, especially his hands and cheeks; shaking off his mitts and coat, jumping out of his boots and running to the kitchen by his mother’s side as she stirred the homemade garlic tomato and chicken soup. Lou memorized all of her recipes, he had to because she never wrote them down; they took too long to perfect, and once she perfected a recipe, she rarely cooked it again… except for the soup, it was a request she couldn’t deny her child.

#ShortShortStories #MotherLove


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