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Prisoner of Love

Terry was conflicted; he wanted to talk to her, he missed talking to her, but he knew he was forbidden, he knew it would bring trouble. As the young Fay passed by his cage, carrying a pail of water and a chicken, he caught her attention with a clash; at first they said nothing, he studied her face with longing, memorizing every detail, and then he spoke with a simple message of love and regret. But she had stopped loving him long ago, his words meant nothing to her and she reported the incident to the town Elders who took prompt action, and Terry was never seen again. Years later Fay thought of Terry, not the thief in a cage, but the boy she shared her first kiss with, the boy too shy to ask her father’s permission to court her, the boy she loved, and she cradled herself as she silently sobbed until she passed onto slumber.

#ShortShortStories #PrisonerOfLove


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  1. Powerful.

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