a cure for the common block

Blood is Thicker

Hobbes looked in the mirror, admiring the fuzz above his upper lip and feeling a hint of stubble on his chin only a few days after he shaved, giving him a boost in confidence which unfortunately deflated when his mother announced dinner. His pit filled with reticence at the family’s first Thanksgiving with Hobbes as he lumbered down the stairs, though the aroma of the feast below couldn’t help but bring a smile. Surprisingly, the table was full of good cheer and “Good to see you!”s and the food was scrumptious: turkey and ribs, mashed potatoes and sweet corn, gravy and barbecue sauce, stuffing and coleslaw; throughout the night he was touched at how hard everyone worked to make everyone else feel at home, he barely even noticed when his cousin slipped and called him “Sarah”. His mom and dad had always been supportive, but this gesture by his cousins and aunts and uncles was the most love he had felt since coming out to his parents.

#ShortShortStories #BloodIsThicker


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