a cure for the common block

Big Bang

Years after the death of Rome’s parents, he still vividly recalled the stories about his Uncle Korre, a prestigious inventor, a winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, who shortly thereafter lost touch with reality and traveled down a rabbit hole. Separated from his older brother forever, skipping from one foster home to the next until adulthood, he eventually tracked down Korre. Fate-it seemed-granted him a gift in the uncle’s invention of a unique device, which could travel a subject to a specific point in space-time for fifteen minutes. Rome opened his eyes and found himself seven feet behind the man in a hoodie who had shot his parents in cold blood; he focused and breathed and then ran and tackled the murderous sonuvabitch, gritting his teeth and flipping him over to see his face… only to find himself literally gazing into his own eyes, set within a mangled face, a face that had suffered unspeakable pain and brutality. Rome managed to mutter an “Okay” as he walked away, jolting with shock at the shots fired, sitting in the cold alley and waiting to be yanked to the future.

#ShortShortStories #BigBang


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One thought on “Big Bang

  1. excellent.

    that invention would be the ultimate in paranoia time-space travel for me.

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