a cure for the common block

Under the Influence

As the lecturer continued to… lecture, Spooner latched onto the last phrase she uttered ‘I will not abide’ and savored it. He loved language, especially when compiled by other linguaphiles, arranging words like a bouquet of flowers because it is not enough to just convey ideas, but to also appeal to the senses; a combination of sounds soothing to the ear, or a rhythmic beat for the movement of the mouth. Though he retrained his focus and managed to give his full attention for the remainder of the class, he received a harsh lesson two days later when he discovered that his attunement to verbiage had a major flaw; while enjoying every syllable of “I will not abide”, he turned deaf to the final word of that declaration: tardiness.

#ShortShortStories #UnderTheInfluence


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