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It took Sil a few months to adapt to the guidance control system for his vessel, but he took to it quickly and was able to explore this world undetected; it was so natural for him that he was able to inconspicuously interact with the natives, providing invaluable data to his mission. Over the course of his expedition, he even managed to maintain a recurring interactive relationship with one named Ru, if he weren’t so clinical and objective in his notes he would have referred to it as a friendship. Though he was undercover, and every detail of the life he shared with Ru was a lie, his true personality couldn’t help but seep through, and part of him believed that this was how they bonded, not over the superficial details, rather the character, and it flowed both ways, while Sil felt no connection to the topical humor and athletic discussions, he respected and understood Ru’s underlying moral fabric. The night before his mission’s end he went to the lounge on Deck 53 of his vessel and mulled over his situation. He bid farewell to Ru, and with a last-minute change of heart he made the confession he had rehearsed so many dozens of times; he was a scout, an alien sent to find intelligent life and inhabitable planets and establish alliances. He introduced himself as a human being from a planet called Earth, extending his forearms and connecting his fists as a gesture of goodwill; after precisely 36 seconds (according to the vessels on-board computer), Ru clasped Sil’s fists and separated them, representing his trust and acceptance.

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Under the Influence

As the lecturer continued to… lecture, Spooner latched onto the last phrase she uttered ‘I will not abide’ and savored it. He loved language, especially when compiled by other linguaphiles, arranging words like a bouquet of flowers because it is not enough to just convey ideas, but to also appeal to the senses; a combination of sounds soothing to the ear, or a rhythmic beat for the movement of the mouth. Though he retrained his focus and managed to give his full attention for the remainder of the class, he received a harsh lesson two days later when he discovered that his attunement to verbiage had a major flaw; while enjoying every syllable of “I will not abide”, he turned deaf to the final word of that declaration: tardiness.

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Walter slunk into the lounge on his crutches, muttering and mentally kicking himself for breaking his leg on the first day of his big ski weekend vacation – breaking it in the ski shop while trying on boots! He plopped next to the fireplace and looked off into the middle-distance when a striking figure entered the center of his frame; days later-while recounting the event to friends-he laughed at the fact that his first impression was how horribly dressed she was for the weather, while in hindsight he realized she was perfectly adorned for an elegant, maybe even romantic evening indoors. His head lowered as his thoughts wandered around the serendipity of the moment, and when he re-focused he found the mystery girl standing beside him, posed shyly with her hands nervously clasped. She didn’t speak English and he didn’t speak French, but they connected and shared an experience; they never met again, but that evening they both felt love for the first time in their lives, which granted them a frame of reference for future relationships, a gift to help them find their soul mates.

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