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Suicide Box, or Squeeze: Part II

Three hours after the fight started with his colleague Dr. Issche, Emil’s recollection of events seemed to only last a few fleeting moments: a shout, a shove, a shock, a shovel, and a shed in the middle of the woods. He spent the evening in the shed, taking notes and making calculations; the next day he filed for the purchase of a gun and set to work on what he knew would be an impossibly-long-term project. The investigation into Effie Issche’s disappearance opened and closed, Presidents came and went, and Emil’s hair slowly turned grey as he worked tirelessly on his mission for revenge; his mission of vengeance against himself. After he created The Machine, each day began the exact same way: send a balloon to coordinate X-30-12.000, followed by four hours of meditation, seven hours of sleep, and two hours dedicated to journaling memories. It took 14 years of work and three years of adjustments before Emil remembered shooting the balloon; and so, knowing he would finally be at peace, Emil Jones set the coordinates to X-31-12.000 and stood in front of the transporter.


#ShortShortStories #SuicideBox #Squeeze


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