a cure for the common block

Promises To Keep

Horace made an offer out of desperation, and the gentleman seated across from him considered it for a moment, before inquiring about the incentive for an extension on his deadline, “If you follow through then I reap a substantial profit, however if you fail, then I get nothing but what is already owed.” Horace mulled over his options before making a unique raise to the bid, a raise the shady man couldn’t resist. The deal was set, Horace would either find an innocent person to sell their soul in place of his, or commit heinous violence to deepen his punishment-a win-win situation for the Lord of Temptation-but Horace never intended on following through with either promise, instead opting to spend his six extra hours with the daughter he sacrificed his soul to save; neither selfless act would let him out of his contract, there is no grace in making a deal with the Devil, however he faced his eternal torment with a clean conscience, which was more than could be said for many of his fellow inmates.

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