a cure for the common block

His Hour Upon The Stage

In an exponentially small corner of the Universe there exists a space of Nothingness; not emptiness or Dark Matter, not space yet-to-be-occupied, but Absolute Nothing, a quadrant of non-existence. While the purpose is simple, its explanation is anything but. An entity awoke one day, flooded with memories and thoughts, but saw nothing before It; this error was soon corrected as It created a Universe, laws, life, and sat back and observed the growth. One day It realized that these scattered children would seek their parentage, for they craved knowledge; It selected a two-square-foot portion of an infinite Universe and deleted it, making it nigh on undetectable. The logic was that they could only be ready for the Truth if they were capable of discovering It, however in It’s infinite wisdom It did not expect a hijacked shuttle piloted by a very inebriated Tryxl to barrel straight towards a hole in the fabric of the Universe, leading to a long, awkward conversation between a drunken creature with a 73-word vocabulary and his Creator.

#ShortShortStories #HisHourUponTheStage


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