a cure for the common block

Flame’s End

When Ellis lit the match, he had no idea that it would become history, and as the glow reflected in his eyes, mesmerizing him, he did not care. It was the most devastating forest fire California had ever seen, destroying hundreds of acres of Redwoods, homes, and human lives; the cause was never traced, but Ellis carried the scars for the rest of his life. While drinking away another day somewhere around his 25th year in a rotgut bar, he noticed the stirring of a fight-a common occurrence in his haunts of choice-and as he shook away the sting of his shot, the stupid fratboy on a dare and burly bouncer brought back memories of the nightly bouts featuring his brother and father. Before the sickening guilt and shame could twist his bowels he charged between the two with his hands raised, then slowly unbuttoned his shirt revealing a mosaic of scarring, warning them to think carefully before they struck.

#ShortShortStories #FlamesEnd


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