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Tough Boys

Bones climbed on his chopper and sped down the road after spending a nickel in solitary confinement, and he had his priorities in place; first he’d meet back up with his gang, and he could only imagine the hazards they had in mind to celebrate his freedom. He passed by Jet’s place, but knew everyone was already waiting at Old Pearl’s; he stopped at a red light, shot a Devil-may-care smile at an old couple in the car next to him and bolted off, dodging on-coming traffic before the light changed. He stared at Old Pearl’s for a few moments before getting off his bike, he was surprised how little it had changed; he knocked on the door and a pleasant woman in her 30s answered with a warm smile. “Well hello Terry.” Meekly, the young boy wrung his hands and Mrs. Pearl just opened the door wider and watched him scamper in to see his friends. Five weeks, almost his entire Summer, sequestered in his room without any contact to the outside world or any entertainment, but what his friends and parents didn’t know was that he learned something about himself in there; after finding a small stack of Italian to English dictionaries stored in a box in his closet, he discovered an uncanny knack for learning new languages.

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One thought on “Tough Boys

  1. This one charmed me.

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