a cure for the common block

The Visitor

Zalla mourned his father for a day, and then continued living the only existence he’d ever known. Kha, Zalla’s father, called the island Gaiya and told his son the story of how they arrived, and taught him how to survive; not just how to build fires and hunt, but how to draw from all resources so as not to drain any one resource, there were separate seasons for fish, birds, beasts, and critters. Shortly into Zalla’s adult years he came upon an out of place visitor who introduced himself as Lightgiver; Zalla knew this was wrong, the man was too clean to be a traveler, he saw no transport, and he wore strange clothing. For some reason, though, he trusted this stranger and felt comforted in his presence. They became friends, and Zalla taught the man what he knew; they hunted and harvested and laughed and bonded. He had thrived without his father, without companionship, but had forgotten how nourishing it was, how essential to survival. A day came when Lightgiver told Zalla that he had to leave, but was grateful for the education and friendship, and said he wanted to return the favor; he offered him infinite power and wisdom, to make him a God, like Lightgiver.

#ShortShortStories #TheVisitor

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