a cure for the common block

Faith, Hope, and Charity

For three years Veronica’s world was empty and frightening, it was a world of strange sensations of things; hot, cold, rough, soft, yummy, yucky. It was also difficult to understand; exhaustion followed by a disorienting and surreal experience, followed by alertness and the fading memory of what had happened to her. She knew she was not alone, even if she was not always aware of their presence, but when they were there, it was the most satisfying sensation; Veronica felt the pressure and warmth of her mother enveloping her in her arms and holding her close, she smelled something sweet and floral. But Veronica had her own language-her own terms for all of these things-because it wasn’t until 233 days after her third birthday that she heard for the first time; another disorienting and surreal experience at first. It was also her first step to communication with her family, her mother and father and new baby brother. She would never see, but she would never lose patience, or foster resentment, she never asked why and she never hated anyone or anything. When she passed away, her grandchildren spoke of her as an inspiration; a passionate woman with more determination than anyone they’d ever known, who dedicated her life to helping others and improving others, and changing lives. While they appreciated the words from the crowds who owed her a debt, they insisted that she never overcame any obstacle, because as their grandmother said “It’s only an obstacle if you know that it’s in your way”.

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