a cure for the common block

To Be A Man

SureStar felt a bundle of nerves in his stomach twisting and turning as he looked out to his clan; an Elder recited the scripture and he waited for his turn to speak, practicing the words over and over in his thoughts. When it was time, he pledged his loyalty to his clan and swore an oath to protect, although it was slow and awkward and over-pronounced; the Elder spoke again, in their True language, and it affected SureStar, he felt a powerful and intensely real surge of confidence, he suddenly remembered things he never even paid attention to, and knew things he could not know. When he spoke again, it was with stoic conviction and passion, vowing commitment above all to the Watchers’ Brotherhood, until his death. The Orak Clan chanted and motioned with their arms, making gestures to signify the end of the ceremony and express congratulations, respect, and thanks for entering the most honored class. Their chants filled SureStar with a warmth and love he hadn’t felt since childhood, when his mother sang to him. What the Orak, and seventy-two other clans would never know was that their planet existed in a Universe where mere sound combinations could effect mood, physical health, and even thoughts.

#ShortShortStories #ToBeAMan


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