a cure for the common block

Halloween Knights

In Mowbry’s absence, Ms. Pruitt began her lesson-on the subject of etiquette-when the boy of ten burst into the room, out of breath. Judith Meek Pruitt interrupted Mowbry twice with warnings not to disturb her lesson, and swung her pointed finger to a list of rules, topped by “NO excuses, NO exceptions.” While she covered the finer points of proper behavior around guests and gestures of respect, Mowbry dedicated every thought to methods of defense and escape from Cutty Black Sow, the Hellish swine from Irish lore, hunting the innocent on Hallow’s Eve. Fortune smiled upon Judith, as Cutty crept into her classroom while she wrote on the board and extracted her soul without a flinch, before it turned to the youth and emitted a guttural hiss from its gaping maw. What the demonic pig with a brogue had yet to learn was the reason for Mowbry’s tardiness; he was busy carving the names of students into stones and throwing them in the schools furnace as Ms. Pruitt began her lecture, and two moments after Cutty Black Sow failed to withdraw the soul of Diana Seffi, Mowbry pulled out a handful of salt and black powder and blew it into the face of the mythical beast, resulting in a chemical dissolution of the essence of evil.

#ShortShortStories #HalloweenKnights

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