a cure for the common block


Parrett drove a hard bargain with the merchant,driving down the price of the pristine sabre from fifteen gold down to nine, but Parrett had far more experience than the merchant could have guessed, and with roughly an hour to spare, he left Pompeii with a remarkable piece that would give him a place in history. Time travel wasn’t safely accomplished until long after Earth’s Exodus, on the thirteenth occupied moon, Colonial. It was surprisingly easy to establish rules and regulations, the natural laws of physics and the laws of time did most of the work; what was not expected was the effect on the society and the economy. It took generations for balance to restore and a new form of governance to control the chaos. Eventually a functional society re-emerged, albeit with a new subset… a class of Travelers, with ranks not determined by wealth, but notoriety and rarity. More specifically, ranked by the length of time between the creation of an artifact and the fixed point following it. Parrett coveted the weapon-forged less than 24 hours before the eruption of Vesuvius-as he dialed in his Relative Coordinates, activating the Weaver program to manipulate the space-time fabric, shuttling him swiftly and without discomfort. While the wrist-mounted TSF manipulator was vastly more portable and convenient than the P.O.D., it required more specifics and attention; Parrett forgot to enter Time coordinates and only entered Spacial coordinates, which coincidentally landed him 200 feet from the base of the infamous volcano. He calmly entered the correct coordinates into his device as he walked away from the deadly mountain, hoping it would recharge before he became a fixed point in time.

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