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Twice Stung

“Go’en Ri’tr’vr” were the first words Tom and Genie heard from their eldest daughter, followed seconds later by “Pliz?” Exactly one year later they asked Emmy what she wanted for her birthday and she excitedly shot back “A Golden Retriever!” then settled into her seat, feeling what she would later learn was called “Déjà vu”. Emmy sometimes heard things when she was around people, things they hadn’t said yet, and it was completely useless to her; she couldn’t read minds, she couldn’t predict the future, all she could do was grow bitter and angry stewing in the frustration. Then one day, while hanging out with one of her best friends, Corey, for the first time she heard her own voice; at first it was heavy breathing, and then a shallow exhale of “Yes”. She didn’t understand what was happening, why it was happening, but she started spending more time with Corey, hoping to satisfy her curiosity, getting to know him, telling him about her. They had been dating for just over a year when Corey took her to the dog park where they first kissed, got down on one knee and asked her to marry him; Her eyes welled up, she took several short breaths and barely mustered a “Yes” before that old familiar feeling struck her in the back.

#ShortShortStories #TwiceStung


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