a cure for the common block


Wyatt was in line, exiting the plane, when he saw a book fall from the bag of a man several people ahead of him. He picked it up and tried to worm his way off the plane as quickly as possible, but he saw no sign of the stranger at the gate, nor was he at the baggage claim. The book was called Trojan Horses and began as a standard murder mystery, but as Wyatt continued reading, the plot grew into an extensive conspiracy to capture souls for a religious ritual; there were notes scribbled in the margin, questions, clues, passages underlined and highlighted and circled by a man who had become obsessed, and Wyatt even found himself engrossed in trying to unravel the mysteries. Toward the end of the book, Wyatt noticed that the notes stopped a little more than halfway through, and he wondered how a man so engulfed by this book wouldn’t notice leaving it behind, in fact the only time it wasn’t in his hand or in his sight in the three days since he began it was when he was asleep. The final chapter followed a brand new character, one of the Seekers of Souls, on a plane coincidentally heading to the same city where Wyatt lived; the Seeker was jotting notes in a book and pondering over a dilemma, whether to continue his mission, or use his knowledge to sabotage it. The character wrote his address in the back of the book and then dropped it while in line getting off the plane; Wyatt couldn’t move.

#ShortShortStories #Spoilers


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