a cure for the common block


Lyka knew he was different from the others, but he didn’t know how unique he really was, he just understood that he was smarter than the others, more aware of the world around him. The others were easily frightened, by any loud sound or flickering lights in the sky, and while he could communicate with them, his language was more detailed and complex, which he hid from them, not wanting to give them yet another reason to be afraid, not wanting to risk them attacking him. Unbeknownst to Lyka, the day would come when others would recognize how different he was, and rather than ostracize him, they would embrace him and praise him, and he would meet others like himself, and breed and pass on his genes, guiding the course of evolution. But that day would not come for another several months and so, unaware of his destiny, Lyka nibbled some food and clambered onto the exercise wheel in his cage with the other gerbils.

#ShortShortStories #Survivors


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