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Road Not Taken

Dell and Sue made a pact to never actually grow up, sure they would be forced to act like adults and “be responsible”, but at heart they would never forget their childhood, never lose the wondrous outlook on life and wild abandon for adventure. Though they drifted apart geographically over the years, they always found time for hiking and road trips and camping and swimming, seeing, touching, experiencing the world around them. The only thing they never experienced together was love, they each found that elsewhere; they each broke their pact, not because they found someone who made them grow up, but because they found someone who made them want to grow, want to better themselves and better others. They took on responsibilities and made the world a better place; some asked why they sacrificed their lives of excitement and experience, and they had to explain that they didn’t sacrifice anything, because giving the gift of wonder and appreciation of life to others is more gratifying than those brief moments of adventure.

#ShortShortStories #RoadNotTaken


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