a cure for the common block

Final Approach

Boola guided his vessel with intense focus, he had no choice, the pulse-thrusters were out and he was hurtling through space on nothing but momentum. It was a bittersweet moment, he rejoiced objects being so few and far between, while lamenting his hopes for finding an inhabitable harbor; a safe, inhabitable harbor; a safe, inhabitable harbor where he could repair his ship. His screen showed a suitable planetoid approaching, which only left the challenge of entering at such an angle so as not to careen directly into the planet, but rather guide into its gravitational field and use it to alter his trajectory and slow his momentum to allow for a survivable crash-landing. Unfortunately, the monitor glitched and displayed an incorrect grav force, resulting in Boola landing himself in permanent orbit around the globe. He did manage to fashion a survival pack and crude escape pod, and he successfully plotted a relatively safe ejection and landing, but with his shuttle now a satellite, he found himself a permanent resident of Pl-xf and at least 2 days east of the Habitable Zone.

#ShortShortStories #FinalApproach


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