a cure for the common block


Arnold first saw her as he took a detour on his way home from work one day; dancing and singing without a care in the world. He moved along, but the glimpse stayed with him and he watched it over, falling for her a little bit more each time; exposing such enthusiasm is risky, it leaves you vulnerable, but this girl, named Melody unbeknownst to him, would rather suffer ridicule than contain the joy that music brought to her, or maybe she felt the enthusiasm was a gift to share with the world, a way to tell everyone how wonderful life can be sometimes. Like I said, Arnold fell in love with her a little more each time he recalled that moment; that’s what I liked about that character, the way he would mull over things and rather than lose interest or cynically dash it away, he found more to love and more to appreciate, however, as characters have a habit of doing, he could get out of my hands. He had a tendency to go too far; and so I found myself stopping in the middle of a scene where Arnold was, for lack of a better word, leering into Melody’s apartment.

#ShortShortStories #Obsessed


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