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Blow Out, or Synchrony: Part III

Mr. Ryan and James walked through the fairgrounds, but something told James that this man didn’t know his mother and that maybe she wasn’t in trouble. Thinking quickly, he reached into his pocket and grasped the whistle given to him by the well-dressed gentleman at the crane game. He casually removed his hand from his pocket and remained calm, waiting for the right moment to blow the whistle and scream for help, but Mr. Ryan slapped it out of his hand before he got the chance and warned him not to try anything, “Or else”. Penny’s eyes gleamed with delight as she held her cotton candy, patiently biding her time to consume the sweet treat while her mother paid the nice lady at the booth. Memory is a tricky thing, even the most vivid memory can be minimally accurate, however Penny’s perception of the next few moments were perfect to the last detail; she looked up from her pink sugary cloud to see a young boy walking with a peculiar man, the boy evoked thoughts of distress, discomfort, unease, and the man seemed shifty, shady, and evasive. In the span of less than five seconds, Penny dropped her fluffy candy cone, pulled out her whistle, blew with a screeching halt and screamed “Stranger Danger!” while pointing at Mr. Ryan. The story was widely reported, by many people on TV and radio and online, and amid all the coverage only one person ever wondered about the Gentleman handing out whistles.

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