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Out in the Cold

Roby had promised April a perfect date weekend camping in the thicket. His cars heater sputtered out a half hour into the three hour drive to the site, but they were dressed warmly and kept the windows up as they chatted and looked forward to a cozy evening together. A perfectly lousy drizzle made it impossible for Roby to start a fire, however they gritted their teeth and decided to retire to the tent and enjoy the pre-made food they had packed. They cuddled and conversed and waited for a lull to hopefully catch some romantic stargazing, and after nearly an hour it finally stopped; though the temperature had dropped to a very brisk cool, they enjoyed the clusters and swirls of light filling the dead blue of night before discovering why the drizzle had seemingly let up. The hail pelted their tent throughout the night, with chunks just heavy enough to disturb their sleep landing on or near their tent with a thud. When the morning eventually came they hiked to a cliff, wrapped up in a blanket and watched the sun rise over a small lake, April cooed softly and thanked Roby for keeping his promise.

#ShortShortStories #OutInTheCold


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