a cure for the common block

Ugly Duckling

He asked her if she promised, and she nodded her head. Nick knew that Gwen valued promises above almost everything, and had never broken one. It had been a strange summer for her, a spontaneous family vacation that lead to so many firsts, the most significant being the first time Gwen looked at a boy in a new and different way; Nick was 13, like her, and wasn’t too different from other boys at her school, but she was discovering changes within herself, changes in how she felt and thought. They found time for each other nearly every one of the six days of their vacations overlapping, and grew closer with every meeting, quickly bonding over laughs and awkward physical contact, mostly involving hands accidentally brushing too close to restricted airspace. Finally, on their last day as they said goodbye Gwen asked for a first kiss, Nick asked if she was sure, she assured him she was, and he asked her if she promised. But that summer she did break a promise, one she had made to her father years prior, that she would always be his little girl; that summer she realized what a foolish promise that was.

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