a cure for the common block

Back From The Dead

Lem lifted the hood and gazed at the mechanics, his trained eye able to single out each individual part, identifying the trees from the forest, while he also listened to the engine run, all of his senses working together as a unit; while so many others can have sounds or smells or sights distract their concentration on sights or sounds or smells, Lem’s senses always worked collaboratively, and while this car posed a problem more difficult than he had seen in years, he trusted his gifts to guide him to the answer. He spent an hour puzzling over the problems and possible causes, but found nothing, until finally he found a clue in the engine block, and one clue lead to another and soon he was able return the car to working condition, to the shock and dismay of his son, who was promised a new car if this one was ever beyond repair.

#ShortShortStories #BackFromTheDead


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