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Two Times Trouble

For her 58th birthday, Lucy decided to retrace the steps of a memorable adventure which she partook in 40 years prior, beginning with a ferry ride to a lovely island for the Fleet of Feathers, a confluence of events that takes place once every 40 years: myriad migrating birds pass over the island while moulting. As she sat on on a bench on the top deck of the ferry, she reminisced as she watched children and parents and couples and individuals on the rear deck, tossing bread to gulls, and the redhead with her too-tall-too-skinny boyfriend made the moment nearly identical, until the young lady turned around and Lucy found herself literally re-living the past. What many don’t realize is that Time is a conscious being, and when we attempt to relive past events, for the sake of nostalgia, this can confuse Time, and we find ourselves trapped in the past, doomed to live that singular moment day after day, year after year, until we are exhausted.

#ShortShortStories #TwoTimesTrouble


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