a cure for the common block

Prometheus Syndrome

It wasn’t long after his first battle that Fera stopped believing in the Gods, or at the very least that the Gods watched over them; and so it came as a relatively minor surprise when a woman entered his tent brandishing a weapon she claimed had the power to harness wind and fire, to make objects dissipate into nothingness. He doubted this, why would she tell him this rather than extinguish his army, why surrender the element of surprise, why come alone? Before he could ask any one of the many questions passing through his mind, she answered them all; she introduced herself as a traveler, and explained that she had no intentions of attacking him or any of his men, or anyone else for that matter. She was in search of her companion, and weapons were useless for finding men, in order to find him she would need an army. The weapon was a barter for services.

#ShortShortStories #PrometheusSyndrome

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