a cure for the common block

Slow Death

It had many names, but it called itself the Unforgiving. It was an unstoppable force in the Universe, and lay waste to everything in its path: from single-celled organisms to oceans of life to planets and entire galaxies, none were impervious to the Unforgiving, all would succumb… eventually. This knowledge didn’t seem to bother Henry, however, as he made his way to Miss Hood’s for his weekly lesson; ever since he began learning how to play, his time at the piano had a certain effect, the rhythmic compression of keys slowed everything down and cleared any haze or confusion. Hundreds of notes, millions of combinations, Henry felt a sense of control as he literally took the chaos at his fingertips and made music, not very pretty music at first, but while the Unforgiving saw itself as a figure of inevitable death and destruction, Henry saw it as the opportunity to make perfection. From one-celled organisms, to oceans of life, to planets and entire galaxies.

#ShortShortStories #SlowDeath


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