a cure for the common block

Black Corsage

Veronica had felt weak for not even two days when she coughed for the first time, a thick, burning cough that sent her mind into a panic. She ran to the nearest mirror and saw nothing unusual, however the fear, and cough, persisted. She dragged herself out of bed the next day, every joint aching, and met her morning face without shock; lush, red cheeks and full, puffed lips: it was The Blush. She had avoided it’s touch when it passed through her village as a child, the only surviving member of her family, and it appeared to have returned to correct the oversight. She knew better than to fight it, but she could still use it to her advantage; she focused all of her energy into overcoming the stabbing pains, and throw off the depressing weight pulling her down, she even managed to put on a dash of makeup to disguise the symptoms. With resolve, she strolled through town, directly to the Market and the butcher’s booth, glinting at the butcher’s boy and quickly turning down into an alley. Moments later, Alec followed and she grabbed him, pushing him to the wall and kissing him with passion and a whisper “A gift for the boy who gave me a night I’ll never forget”. #ShortShortStories #BlackCorsage


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One thought on “Black Corsage

  1. everythreeminutes on said:

    Compelling on the surface, but the layers of metaphor and a twist of double meaning makes this one a keepsake.

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