a cure for the common block

Invisible Killer

Thea and Roger screamed over each other, no longer trying to assert who was right and who was wrong, now only trying to force the other to shut up; the fights were worse when Tisha was at school, although neither cared enough to figure if it was because they didn’t have to hold back, or because they did have to when she was at home. While their veins bulged with pressure and they strained their vocal cords, out in their garden grew a miracle of nature; buds on a vine sprawling around a toolshed-which had been abandoned since before the Wilkinson’s moved into the house-blossomed into a perfectly ordinary looking flower with purple petals and specks of black. Over the months insects and winds would help spread its pollen throughout the neighborhood,and while the vines were easily cut back, the root system continued unabated, infected with a unique bacteria which would soon get into the pollen, and within a year the city would become Ground Zero for an unprecedented outbreak.

#ShortShortStories #InvisibleKiller

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