a cure for the common block

Silent World

In his final moments, Joseph reverted back to Joe, the adolescent who aspired to be a heroic knight, fighting for the honor, for the people, for the Crown, because fighting a dragon requires a depth of courage that is not natural, that cannot be summoned through training or will, but can only come through true belief, and his many years had jaded him. So, in his last efforts to survive, he drew upon all of the hope and illusion that drove his passion for greatness, only to be dispatched in moments – his unbreakable sword causing as much discomfort as a follicle of hair. There was a period-which in memory sometimes feels like seconds, and othertimes feels like days-of a sense of non-existence, followed by a beam of clarity before he joined the Afterlife, and while most people lay in awe of the Afterlife, Joe was more fascinated by the absence of existence, the Nothingness; in some ways, he found it more peaceful.

#ShortShortStories #SilentWorld

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