a cure for the common block

Soft Touch

Roy squinted at the lock as he worked his tools, it looked like he was just wiggling them aimlessly, but in fact it was much more delicate; he could feel the pins turning with each subtle shift in weight. Mr. Barnes leaned against the wall, making small-talk about how often he forgets his keys, blaming this all on his wife in a roundabout way; he never checks to see if he has the keys because she always checks, so if he’s ever locked out he can just call on her. Roy did his best to tune out the jabbering as he hooked the final pin and flipped the lock. Mr. Barnes clapped his hands with a grin-as if presenting the finale of a magic trick-and opened the door, strolling in and almost immediately strolling back out, thumbing through a wallet and giving Roy two crisp hundreds with a grateful smile. The rest of his customers that day weren’t nearly as grateful, however none of his other customers were breaking into someone else’s home.

#ShortShortStories #SoftTouch


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