a cure for the common block


“Peace is a lie invented by people for the sole purpose of condemning ‘others'” Jeremy read, with the pause serendipitously filled by the crash of thunder, and for the first time in years he got up and stared out a window, counting the seconds after strikes of lightning and recalling an event that changed his life. Jeremy sprinted across the campus; he was three minutes away from a class that would begin in five minutes, however the professor locked the door at the exact-first second of class, and his watch had a habit of running fast. Before Jeremy realized that a few drops of rain had already hit him he saw a flash of lightning that stopped him in his tracks, and in the moment he paused to stare into the distance a beautiful woman crossed his path and smiled at him warmly, but before he could ask her name or learn anything about her, she slipped into a crease in the air with the boom of thunder.

#ShortShortStories #Earshot


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