a cure for the common block

Listening to Fear

As the Radi swept down into the room it bumped the door, causing it to swing and slam against the wall with a bang, jolting Rachel from her sleep and sending a signal of panic and terror throughout her body. The Radi was already slunk into a dark corner, silently feasting. The Radi are the most harmless predators in the Universe, they are phobivores: they feed off of fear and nothing else. In fact, contrary to popular belief they specifically avoid the weak; to a Radi, it is a sin to kill prey because dead prey are useless to them. Rachel knew none of this, nor would it comfort her if she did; all she could do was rock herself and cry for a mother who had left her alone to go out in search of work in the middle of the night.

#ShortShortStories #ListeningToFear

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