a cure for the common block

Into The Woods

Agett and Cork argued, as usual, about how long to sit and eat; Agett was more cautious and conservative, preferring to have several small meals and staying on the go, while Cork insisted on getting a large meal and staying in one place for long stretches. It’s not that Cork wasn’t afraid of the very real threat to both of their lives, but that he had survived an attack not long ago and believed he could survive another, he knew it wasn’t as bad as the rest of his colony believed. They reached an impasse and Agett made the mistake of leaving his friend behind; so while Cork remained on the small of Dudley’s back in a spot just out of reach of the canine’s paws and maw, Agett moved down to his thigh, never to be heard from again.

#ShortShortStories #IntoTheWoods


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