a cure for the common block


As he did every morning with the rising Sun, Douglas wrote in his journal – although technically he was close to filling his 231st journal with his daily entries – and he felt loneliness for the first time since his gifting; self-exiled on an island for over 360 years, guilt and regret held such emotions at bay, but today was different, today an emotion that normally causes a deep aching came to him as a refreshing wave of relief. Douglas had long learned the principles of restraint and responsibility for his powers, but vowed not to return to the World until he could forgive his past transgressions. Despite the depth of this revelation, despite the myriad words it would take to fully explain the transformation taking place on the beach of an island created by Douglas thousands of miles away from any other living creature, in the journal he kept solely for his own edification, he simply wrote “Today.”

#ShortShortStories #Amends

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