a cure for the common block


Lily accepted the charm from David and cherished the thoughtfulness of the gift from her childhood friend. The epiphany wouldn’t strike until decades later, when she finally opened the box labeled “Memories”; a box that had moved with her four times, but hadn’t once been opened since it was sealed sixteen years earlier. Most wouldn’t think much of a laminated blue three-leaf clover, but most people didn’t know Lily and David; their secrets and inside jokes were legendary, and this memento represented a moment that took too long for Lily to understand. They shared a belief that “luck” came from “uniquity”, and that “four-leaf clovers” merely represented that; but with the prevalence of “unique” charms being sought and presented, it would require something even more unique to bring luck in modern days. Lily rubbed the clover between her finger and thumb, only now realizing what David had tried to tell her long ago… before he took  his life.

#ShortShortStories #Him


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