a cure for the common block


Stanley twisted and pulled apart the nesting doll, one by one, until he revealed the final little girl, which looked strikingly different from the other iterations; even more curious, there was an apparent seam across its belly, though he couldn’t imagine anything small enough to fit inside. He gave it a quick twist and tug but it refused to separate; after struggling for several minutes, he bit down on the head and pulled on the bottom with a pair of pliars until it finally cracked open with a blinding burst of light. As Stanley lay stunned on the floor he feared the worst, then he saw a figure made of billowing silver smoke looming above him and died convinced he had had a stroke; weakened by thousands of years of captivity, the Figure couldn’t afford to waste time pretending to be a wish-granting genie, It needed to feast and regain strength first.

#ShortShortStories #Sleeper


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One thought on “Sleeper

  1. nicely done. I’m glad you’ve started these again. I missed seeing them!

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