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Living Conditions

The Boy tread the water and turned to take one final look at the boat as it submerged completely, giving up one last bubble of air. Rather than burn his time, and more importantly energy, panicking over his situation, he took a breath and made a deliberate assessment of it: the life-vests were among the first things lost to the fire that took down his boat; he had a wrist-mounted compass instead of a watch, but he was at least seven miles from land to the west, and couldn’t swim more than five, even with his life depending on it; he could hope for a boat to pass him, or dolphins, but a hope isn’t a plan, and he had little time to make up his mind. He realized he couldn’t bear the fear of dying with the knowledge of how close he came to land, so he put his back to the setting Sun and swam.

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One thought on “Living Conditions

  1. everythreeminutes on said:

    Several of these sparked this thought, so it doesn’t necessarily pertain to ‘Living Conditions’ as aptly as others, but I’m curious how much of it is intentional and how much is just the DNA of your writing.

    Your writing voice is serene in general, and is always deeply engaging when it’s the antithesis of the expected emotion of the piece. It reminds me of the artist Peter Saul who paints with vibrant colors and velvety textures to pull you in, then you realize it’s a portrait of a serial killer. Or like Velvet Underground’s ‘The Gift.” Oh, Waldo.

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