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As the sun beat down, Tali adjusted her baseball cap and tightened her grip on the ball, anchoring her fingers in place as she waited for the right signal; Miles was already two strikes down and she knew just how to put him out. Miles choked up on the bat and watched Tali, trying to read her, glean some clue of what was coming. Tali saw what she wanted, Miles noticed her shifting her weight to the right and mentally prepared to bunt her curveball and mad dash it to First, but the bell sounded just as Tali pulled back, and Mrs. Keller called an end to recess.

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Some Assembly Required

Lorne stepped back and looked at the finished product. He hesitated to call it his creation, although he was filled with pride at the sight of his accomplishment; he snapped his fingers and commanded it to speak. Bolts rattled, gears clacked, and a motor hummed as the mechanical jaw wagged and a jittery voice uttered what would later be described as the soul of the Robot’s Resistance, “No.”

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Andrew put his pen to paper and gave life to an entire world, filled with landscapes and seas, populated with all manner of creatures, gigantic and miniscule, brimming with culture and history and love and war, never stopping to think, just letting the words flow, letting the lives meander and intersect. He dedicated fifty pages to this entire world he called Wick, then set them aside, never to be read by anyone else, only to be used as reference material for the story he was compelled to write; the journey of a dying creature called a Mukkel, making its way to the graveyard for its kind.

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