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Izzy went to work, just as she had every week day for the past 5 months, and quickly entered her identification number (her birth date) at security, 0-5-1-6-7-9, but as she strolled to her office she thought about the number she had just entered; that wasn’t her birth date, that wasn’t the number she had entered hundreds of times before, was it? An internal debate brewed, she was sure it wasn’t the same number, but that number was accepted, she entered it without hesitation, then she found herself checking her own license to settle the argument, and despite it contradicting several memories she trusted it as the undisputed truth and never gave it a second thought. This came as a great relief to Dr. Stanley, who was in control of the experiment “adjusting” and studying Izzy’s mind, and wondered how else he could override her memories.

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One thought on “Checkpoint

  1. I really enjoy “Checkpoint.” Although complete in itself as a short short story, it would make a great scene in a film. Who knows, maybe Dr. Stanley thinks the experiment is doing her a favor a la Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but he just can’t keep ahead of her dreams. Or he leaves her favorite snack lying around and “the centre cannot hold.” Years of experimentation brought down by a bag of Cheetos.

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