a cure for the common block

Go Fish

The toad sat perfectly content in the soothing, muddy water, with just his eyes peering above the surface, scanning for a quick meal. Soon, a junebug flitted from twig to twig, searching for.. whatever junebugs search for, the toad wasn’t really concerned with what it was up to, only waiting for it to fly within reach. As it passed overhead, the toads jaws opened and flicked his long, sticky tongue, instantaneously capturing the bug and drawing it into his mouth. Unfortunately for the toad, this junebug was born with a particularly durable exoskeleton, as well as a gland that secreted a vile-tasting oil; within seconds, the toad spat out the little beetle and submerged itself in the murky depths, attempting to cleanse his palate.

#ShortShortStories #GoFish

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