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Hush, or Synchrony: Part II

Penny walked home from school, her ponytail bouncing left to right – thumbs tucked under the straps of her backpack – as she hummed and sang to herself about the clouds and sun and birds. Then she saw a tall man across the street standing near a tree and she froze. Her thoughts flipped through a dozen words in the mental thesaurus of her vocabulary: boding, creeping, lurking, ominous. Her hand slowly reached into her pocket, her small fingers clasping something as she watched the stranger. She sighed with relief as she saw a puppy leap from behind the tree and the man lean down with a baggy in his hand. She pulled the whistle out from her pocket as she remembered the words of the nice gentleman who spoke to her class about Stranger Danger, “In case you need help.”

#ShortShortStories #Hush #TheGentleman



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