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Lovers Walk

Moira watched Kade walk toward her through the fog, seemingly out of nowhere, and his piercing eyes hooked her; he introduced himself and without hesitation told her that he loved her. She didn’t understand what she saw in his eyes, but she trusted him and believed him and convinced herself that she loved him, too. He took her hand and with a smile that dissolved any doubts or suspicions, told her to follow him. They walked around the corner to a park Moira didn’t recognize, with a candlelit picnic waiting for them. Fear crept along her spine as Kade attempted to explain that this was where they first met as children, first kissed as teenagers, where he asked her to marry him as adults, and he stepped close to her, his toes touching hers, and told her that this was where she said yes. He begged her to remember, and gazed into her eyes, hoping, waiting to see the glimmer of recognition.

#ShortShortStories #LoversWalk


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One thought on “Lovers Walk

  1. I love this; in the Hollywood version in my mind they both have beautiful feet. Upon a second reading, I envisioned one of them with otherworldly feet that require some pretty high maintenance. #iwantdaintyfeet

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