a cure for the common block

School Hard

Mr. Gianse diligently worked over the essays, not just looking for good grammar and citations, but for comprehension of the material and some sign that the students were learning. He came upon Riley’s paper and furrowed his brow, because while Riley was an exceptional student and his essay was everything one would expect from the best and brightest, Mr. Gianse knew he couldn’t take credit for inspiring such well-crafted work. He stumbled into class the next day, exhausted from toiling all night, only to be met with Paul, Fey, and Tim’s last-minute submissions sitting on his desk. For several years, he kept Paul’s essay on file as a reminder of why he teaches; true, he only made an 81, but he showed greater passion and commitment in that two-page, poorly structured mess than anyone else in the class.

#ShortShortStories #SchoolHard

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